Would You Trust VuoNO Alone With Your Sons?

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The stories below are from Lyndhurst’s official legal local newspaper for generations, The Commercial Leader.

The newspaper is closed today, but James “Chizzie” Vuono can’t simply close the book on his record, reported at length in the newspaper in 1989.

School Board President “Chizzie” Vuono was absent from last week’s PTA debate, just like he was absent in 1989 as Head Coach when Vuono left minor boys he was responsible for alone at a Pennsylvania Football Camp so Vuono could go out and celebrate receiving an Award for his football greatness. Two of the boys, both 15 years old, were forced to perform sexually by their older teenage football teammates in a HAZING while Vuono was away being lauded.

Coach Vuono is responsible for what has been ranked as the 2nd worst of the top 25 most violent High School HAZING assaults in the United States. And Coach Vuono was never even reprimanded, no less terminated. Nothing happened to Coach “Chizzie” Vuono as a result of leaving unsupervised a boy who sodomized another boy while 20 to 30 other boys watched.

Back in the 80s, according to these reports, Vuono did his best to ignore this orgy of a sexual assault as it was written off as a so-called HAZING. What gave Vuono the idea he had the right to gloss over a RAPE with 20 to 30 witnesses?  We’re not so sure even parents have a legal right to wave the rights of minors in criminal cases like that, so it certainly wasn’t Vuono’s right to determine that the victims should quietly “take one for the team”.

To us, former local Football Coach “Chizzie” Vuono was and still is basicly Lyndhurst’s Coach Joe Paterno.

Fortunately men like Paterno and Vuono are becoming a thing of the past. The mentalities of these Coaches would never fly today. Sexual assault is never completely covered up these days, even from the past, as many powerful men are learning now, including Lyndhurst School Board President “Chizzie” Vuono.

The pain of this is “Chizzie” Vuono’s problem politically, so he hides from it. And sadly it is the lifelong personal pain of the victims, pain from which they can never completely escape we’re sure.

Our problem is not personal against Mr. Vuono, we don’t know the man. But we know what he did and it is a moral and a common sense issue for which James “Chizzie” Vuono should not be sitting on the Board of Education.

Ask yourself when you’re done reading the stories and the letter below: “Would I leave my children alone at a sleep away camp with Coach “Chizzie” Vuono?”

If the answer is NO, then ask yourself on Tuesday, November 7th if you think Board of Education President “Chizzie” Vuono should be re-elected and put again in charge of our schools.

We think the answer is clear.

“Chizzie” Vuono isn’t a good government or a good schools choice. Vuono skipped the PTA debate last week just like Vuono skipped out from Football Camp boys approximately 30 years ago.

Adding insult to injuries, Vuono’s main accomplishment on the BOE is making his daughter, Laura Vuono, the Principal of the Lyndhurst High School.  Sure “Chizzie” puts children first…his children.

We say VuoNO.


August 31, 1989:

December 14, 1989:

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