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Giangeruso Administration VS Trump

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It’s a really tough call to make.

Both the Trump and Giangeruso Administrations took power in 2017 and each went on to a really questionable year using their new, often unchecked powers.

Like the iconic TIME “Person of the Year”, our choice doesn’t have to be an Administration that did the most good; but rather an Administration that had the most impact. In between Roosevelt and Churchill were Stalin and Hitler as TIME choices during WWII for what they then called “Man of the Year” for having the most influence.

But which Administration has had the biggest impact on us and deserves to be Lyndhurst07071.com’s “Administration of the Year”?

Both Trump and Giangeruso have blatantly broken promises in 2017. Trump lied to working class property taxpayers by eliminating full property tax deductibility from federal taxes this year. Giangeruso broke his campaign promise to run a transparent government, often escaping significant questioning after the election by holding public meetings during working hours at 10am and further limiting the public access in controlling any video recording of these meetings. SCORE: Blatant Lying to Voters, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso have appointed people questionably to government jobs because they’re family and friends, not in spite of it. SCORE: Nepotism and Cronyism, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso played politics with appointments and promotions in law enforcement. Trump fired all US Attorneys at once for politics. Giangeruso used a lame excuse to rescind all immediate past police promotions, likely to promote “his” favored choices after the election. SCORE: Questionable Conduct in Authority of Law Enforcement, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso fired the professionals legally responsible for objectively examining and reporting publicly on the lawfulness of their agendas. Trump fired Comey. Giangeruso fired Bogle. SCORE: Obstruction as a Goal, DRAW

Both Trump and Giangeruso have objectified and insulted women publicly. SCORE: Misogyny as a Public Practice, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso were Draft Dodgers during, excuse us, couldn’t attend, the Vietnam War. SCORE: Cowardice as an Individual, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso had their signature accomplishments overturned in the courts. Trump saw the Travel Ban blocked. Giangeruso was blocked from implementing an illegally passed Junior High School Plan, and he was later forced by the same plaintiff to implement the plan correctly. SCORE: Lack of Competence in Law and Government, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso have lost most of 2017 to scandals and government mismanagement, accomplishing little. SCORE: The Biggest Public Clown Show, DRAW.

Both Trump and Giangeruso are around the same age, 72 and 70 respectively. Both face big “challenges” in 2018. SCORE: Likely Limited Longevity in Office, DRAW.

In our final word for 2017, we must wimp out and give both President Trump and Mayor Giangeruso “Administration of the Year” for most impact (negative) on the people of Lyndhurst. After all, we can’t assume either will be here next year, so we will honor both Administrations equally today for their incompetence.

Stories to look forward to in 2018 will include…

…the story of Melania and Joyce, two politician’s wives, each of whom has made fighting cyber bullying their signature issue.

But seriously, we wish a Happy and Healthy 2018 to all our readers, people like you who have helped Lyndhurst07071.com become the success it is with over 6,000 visits since our site launched on September 25, 2017.

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Thank you all for Supporting Free Speech for Lyndhurst in 2017. We promise much more to come in 2018!














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