Oops, they DID IT AGAIN

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Ahh, Joyce DiMaggio. We’ve been reading your Facebook posts about us and our site. Your posts ramble and are filled with false accusations and speculation with your sad attempts at revisionist history. So, let’s put the peoples’ minds to rest regarding the facts.


Once again, on August 8, Joyce DiMaggio stopped three young men handing out our cards in Town Hall Park, but this time the Lyndhurst police were called. The police came and permitted the DiMaggio Family to stand only feet away as the young men were interrogated by the police, demanding IDs, phone numbers, the name of who the young men worked for, asked not to record anyone, eventually suggesting the young men leave (unconstitutional).

Now Joyce DiMaggio is suggesting we are attacking the police. No Joyce, we are focusing on your conduct, and that of your son, Tony DiMaggio (a Bergen County Sheriff’s Officer) who was also present. The Lyndhurst police may have been wrong in application of law, but they weren’t abusive. You and your son were. And in Lyndhurst, the police are political appointees subject to pressure from your husband’s, Commissioner Thomas DiMaggio’s, Administration. We aren’t oblivious to the bind they are in from higher ups, regardless of whether or not it’s fair to them or the people they serve.

We want to assure all of Lyndhurst that the young men in the park on August 8 at a public town concert who were confronted by the DiMaggios were wearing high end Body Cams, just like the police who arrived may have been, only ours were more concealed.


In addition, a law firm representing this site has OPRA requested the following today from the Lyndhurst government (which by law they will have 7 business days to turn over).

The records requested by us from Lyndhurst Township were:

1) All Video and Audio and Written Meeting Minutes of the Board of Commissioners Special Meeting held on July 24, 2018

2) Regarding the person (young man #1 …name redacted) home address xxx xxxxxx Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071, on the date of August 8, 2018, please produce:

a) All police reports or other reports

b) All police radio transmissions

c) All Body Camera footage of responding officers

d) All telephone records

e) All dispatch records and recordings

f) Any field notes taken by responding officers interacting with the aforementioned

g) All CAD reports

If the DiMaggios are as correct about events as the claim to be, they should all relax and have a nice weekend.

If not, well…






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