Who is The Batman?

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Time flies. Next week, on September 25, 2018 Lyndhurst07071.com celebrates its first birthday.

A decade ago I sat, with then Mayor Richard DiLascio and Commissioner Thomas DiMaggio, across the desk from Donald Trump at his 26th floor office in Trump Tower as he rambled on and on about the people he knew and the things he had done for the better part of 45 minutes.

Trump’s secretaries, there were many, were former Miss Universes. “This is Miss Korea,” cooed the future President as one of these women entered and walked past the three of us to give Trump a message, as if her beauty queen status would distract from Trump not forking over the $5 million he owed for recreational facilities in exchange for Lyndhurst’s cooperation building a golf course in the Meadowlands.

In hindsight, $5 million seems to be Lyndhurst’s unlucky number.

DiLascio wanted the money. DiMaggio, limited as he was and still is, had to be talked out of bringing a camera to a negotiating session, so star struck was he as Trump was The Apprentice star back then.

Anyway, the point is the “we” at Lyndhurst07071.com is an “I”. And all of your politicians already know who I am. They also know I have forgotten more than most people have yet to learn about Lyndhurst government and politics over the last 30 years.

I personally know everyone who has been elected to the Board of Commissioners since 1989. Mind you, I’m not suggesting they like me. Most don’t, not that I particularly care.

Frankly, I’m not terribly impressed by most of Lyndhurst’s politicians either. But I always figured if I wanted to get anything good done here, I had to deal with their types.

I was wrong, you cannot negotiate for the good of all with unethical hacks whose only interest is themselves. Lyndhurst pols, especially in this Administration, are only concerned with controlling jobs and contracts and giving out free hot dogs and having concerts to get more votes to keep their power.

Since Lou Stellato became Mayor in 1989, politicians like Stellato have turned to me to run their campaign messaging so they could get elected. Out of every election held since 1989 (including Stellato’s that year), I have run and won them all, save one. I was not running any campaigns in 2017, nor am I now.

Regardless, because I didn’t take a public stand against this current Administration sooner (as in immediately when they made Giangeruso the mayor) I am more responsible than anyone, other than these corrupt officials themselves, for what is happening in Lyndhurst today.

That is why I am running this site, to help fix what I helped break.

Looking back, it’s impossible to be intellectually honest about what, frankly, I helped make happen and say I’m not at fault too. I helped convince you to vote for them. I have been someone who helped run their government, compensating for their incompetency. I have also been the one who communicated to Lyndhurst for them from 2005, until I walked away from them in 2013.

Since then, everything they’ve said and done has been on their own. I think their past five years of infighting and government mismanagement speaks for itself.

Bobby Giangeruso and Tommy DiMaggio came after me personally after I left their employ in 2013, I believe because I had privately disagreed with much of what they were doing, among other things. Later that year they claimed at a public meeting that I was posting messages about them on the now defunct Lyndhurst Message Board and demanded subpoenas be issued to find my identity.

I wasn’t and they couldn’t.

But regardless, these idiots failed to grasp that I could have written or said anything about them as an opinion because it is a basic First Amendment Constitutional Right.

Say what you will about former Mayor DiLascio, he isn’t a moron like the current occupant of the Mayor’s office. Nor was Stellato, Guida, etc.

No, Bobby and Tommy are a new low of dumb, even for politics.

I have the experience to know of what I speak. From Paterson to Atlantic City, I’ve helped elect Mayors all over New Jersey. I was an aide to the New York City Council Speaker and in the United States Senate. I have run for state legislature and county office and in both races was endorsed by The Record over incumbents. I have also held positions in the state legislature, county government and local government in Lyndhurst. At 19, I was elected to a School Board and was a School Board President by 22. I’m also a law school graduate.

After my last run for office nearly two decades ago, I realized that winning elections by telling people what they wanted to hear was not my strong suit. Since, I have lived my life as a quasi-private citizen working behind the scenes trying to get hacks who spend their days shaking hands and kissing babies to do the right thing.

Sadly, I wasted my time.

After that Trump meeting, I worked with Catholic Charities to secure $40 million from the federal government to build 50 units of senior housing in Lyndhurst. After years of effort on my part, Richard DiLascio, Bobby Giangeruso and Tommy DiMaggio allowed their Administration to block at the last minute what they already had agreed to allow to be built. The reason? Neighbors, led by an irate woman next door to the proposed building, took to a Commissioner’s meeting and screamed like lunatics that they didn’t want low-income people living near them. The $40 million (already promised by the Feds to Lyndhurst) instead went to Dumont, where no one from Lyndhurst would live.

The low-income people these protestors claimed they so feared would have ONLY BEEN senior citizens, not their imagined or politically made up drug dealers. Those few misinformed neighbors did not care, nor did Lyndhurst elected officials care, that most senior citizens in Lyndhurst struggle day-to-day and are considered technically low-income. Furthermore, that senior housing project was projected to have housed 90% Lyndhurst and immediate area residents who couldn’t afford their homes anymore.

It was after this, I too slowly began to see that this Administration was more concerned about holding on to a few votes than they were doing what matters for others. It was difficult to see in mid-life what was all a waste of years working with these creeps.

Why am I sharing this today?

Based on conversations I have had with Attorneys since the Town Hall Park events involving this site have unfolded this past summer, it is clear to me that in order to process legal claims and enforcements, sooner than later people will have my name publicly attached to this site.

But before that happens, I thought it time to explain why I am dedicating myself to this project.

It isn’t about revenge, as much as these fools only understand things in those terms. It’s about standing up for our town and those people who are being harmed by these politicians’¬†unchecked¬†corruption and deceit; politicians whose only answers when questioned are to personally trash anyone who dares to do so. Expecting this was the reason for my anonymity to date.

Today, I own a house in Lyndhurst that has been in my family since 1951. I remember in the early 1970s sitting on the front steps of that very same house with my father as a child, at around 10 years old. A man pulled upfront in a big Cadillac with a white vinyl roof and white interior that matched the driver’s pure white hair. The man got out and greeted my Dad and they talked for a long time as I watched.

That man was former Mayor Joseph “Pip” Carruci, whose name is on the Carruci Building that now houses low income seniors on Stuyvesant Avenue.

Had Bobby Giangeruso and Tommy DiMaggio been in office back then instead of Carruci, that senior housing would not exist now.

Yet one of many reasons I became Jimmy Scoop Jr.

Thank you for your support.



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