3 Lyndhurst BOE candidates, 2 Commissioners and ONE $464,452.86 CONFLICT OF INTEREST

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$464,452.86 in NO-BID contracts from the Lyndhurst Board of Education paid to Commissioners John Montillo and Richard Jarvis between 2012 and 2018.

Over the summer I had a private investigator OPRA request these documents and I had to pay $2,454.40 to get them, among other things.

The BOE CHARGED us $1,402.51 an inch for this public information

Are you surprised they made me pay that much?

I’m not.

The Giangeruso/DiMaggio/Vuono/Montillo/Jarvis controlled Lyndhurst Board of Education in no way, shape or form wants the public (that’s you) having access to how these ethically conflicted pols use the public schools for personal gain.

And that is my issue with Sheri Jarvis (actually, she wins in another category, worst financial record for a $5 million debt), Lynn Mizeski and Vinnie Tunnero (who also wins for least qualified).

Jarvis, Mizeski and Tunnero are backed by either Commissioners John Montillo or Richard Jarvis, both of whom are big NO-BID contractors appointed by the Lyndhurst Board of Education.

It’s as simple a case of Conflict of Interest as you can get. And Trustee Sheri Jarvis was on the Board of Education as this happened.

Before John Montillo was elected a Lyndhurst Commissioner, he made $9,540 as an electrical contractor for the Lyndhurst public schools between 2010 and 2012. After Montillo was elected in 2013, the Lyndhurst Schools became far more profitable for him as a NO-BID contractor. Montillo and his wife and young daughter (also added to the BOE payroll since 2013) have been paid $284,967.86 by the Lyndhurst Public School system since 2014.

Official Board of Education Records records of payments to Commissioner Montillo and his immediate family 2010 – 2018

School Electrician and Lyndhurst Commissioner John Montillo (left), recruited novice Vinnie Tunnero (right) to run for the Board of Education

And Montillo isn’t the only Commissioner with this kind of Conflict of Interest.

Commissioner Richard Jarvis is also a vendor for the Lyndhurst public schools, while his daughter-in-law, Sheri Jarvis, oversees the financial management of the same school system as a Lyndhurst BOE Trustee.

School Plumber and Lyndhurst Commissioner Richard Jarvis is 100% behind his daughter-in-law, BOE Trustee Sheri Jarvis (center), and her running mate, Lynn Mizeski (right)

Commissioner Jarvis has been paid $179,485 as a NO-BID plumbing contractor by the Lyndhurst public schools since Sheri Jarvis first ran for the Lyndhurst Board of Education in 2012. It’s a conflict, one or the other should not be there.

Official Board of Education Records of payments made to Commissioner Richard Jarvis between 2010 -2012

But these are my larger issues with these conflicts:

  1. Montillo and Jarvis, as Commissioners, cast legally questionable deciding votes in 2017 to benefit the Lyndhurst Public School system (the $58 million Junior High School bonding vote). They profited from the school system as vendors as they were assisting them with municipal borrowing capacity as Commissioners.
  2. As Commissioners, who are also vendors for the BOE, both Montillo and Jarvis are now interfering in the November 6 Lyndhurst Board of Education election by being prime backers of the candidates they favor, Commissioner Montillo for Vinnie Tunnero, a candidate Montillo recruited, and Commissioner Jarvis for his daughter-in-law, Sheri Jarvis, and her running mate Lynn Mizeski.

It’s a disgrace.

Montillo and Jarvis aren’t concerned public servants, seeking what’s best for our schools. They are ethically conflicted politicians who have, and still are, profiting from a bankrupt Lyndhurst public school system, as they’re trying to sell you their favored candidates who will support them keeping their NO-BID contracts.

That’s my opinion.

What’s yours?

Are you going to buy who Commissioners Montillo and Jarvis are selling?

Sheri Jarvis, Lynn Mizeski or Vinnie Tunnero.

They’re all Commissioner/School Contractor choices.

But, are they yours?


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