This Tuesday, it’s NOW up to you

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This Tuesday, Lyndhurst will cast votes in one of the most important elections here in generations. Will Lyndhurst move forward, or fall back into familiar political patterns — like unqualified elected officials without clue?

The last few days are a case in point.

Lyndhurst politics has always been slimy, with most of the old school political fools in power believing that the more personal trash they spread about opponents in the form of gossip, the better off they are in their efforts to corruptly control the government as unqualified politicians.

Regardless, candidates personal lives aren’t relevant to their public lives, as far as I’m concerned anyway.

But professional backgrounds are relevant, like candidates lacking the proper educational credentials or being inexperienced and unprepared for the public office to which they aspire. In this case I again refer to Vinnie Tunnero, who is a high school graduate who has been primarily a hairdresser, DJ and radio personality, and most recently a mortgage broker.

Mr. Tunnero is now attempting to compare my aggressively questioning his credentials for the Board of Education to an anonymous mailing with false personal attacks on his opponent, Rick Pizzuti, which horrifically smeared Mr. Pizzuti’s marriage and family.

Mr. Tunnero’s public credentials and Mr. Pizzuti’s private life are not at all analogous. What they are is an example of Mr. Tunnero’s inability to grasp logical distinctions, and that’s troubling. The fact that Mr. Tunnero thinks the two are interchangeable, speaks for itself. I haven’t attacked Mr. Tunnero for his personal choices in his life, his marriage, his relationship with his kids, etc. — all things that were unfairly done to Mr. Pizzuti.

Take a look at the video below, which Mr. Tunnero posted in response to the attack on Mr. Pizzuti on Saturday. It was put on Facebook almost immediately after the first “Your Moral Parent” letters attacking Mr. Pizzuti arrived in the mail that very same day.

Mr. Tunnero was not only the very first candidate to respond (others did hours and hours later), he did so before many people even opened their mail. And in my opinion, as someone who has done commercials professionally and has been a candidate himself, Mr. Tunnero seems very rehearsed and prepped in this video, especially for a first-time candidate who had supposedly just opened his mail to find a horrible and shocking letter about his opponent that he had never seen before. To me, this comes off as way too slick, by half, for it to be real.

I also received some interesting envelopes this weekend, comparing a candidate’s campaign mailing envelopes and labels to the ones used for the infamous Pizzuti letter. I’m having my private investigator turn these curiously similar envelopes and labels over to appropriate authorities. If all this happened a week or two ago, it would have gotten the proper attention it deserved before the election. But I imagine scrutiny wasn’t what the sender(s) intended.

For now, we all have to use our common sense:

  1. I don’t think the Pizzuti attack letter was done by someone who is not involved in politics, but has a personal axe to grind with Mr. Pizzuti.  The nasty letter made references to political backers and slick campaign literature, in-between personal smears of Mr. Pizzuti. These are not the concerns of average citizens.
  2. I don’t think it was former BOE Trustees Bill Barnaskas or Stephen Vendola, neither of whom has spent much of anything on their campaigns for themselves, so I doubt they coughed up the money for this sleazy mailer.
  3. Frank Ferrandino and Giovanni Gaccione? I seriously doubt they would do this to a fellow candidate who isn’t even a political threat to them, as many, including me, support all three candidates, Pizzuti, Gaccione and Ferrandino.
  4. Incumbent Trustee Sheri Jarvis and her running mate, Lynn Mizeski? It could be, except they aren’t doing much either that I can see. Besides, I can’t see them attacking Rick Pizzuti days before the vote as these women’s masterplan to makeup for all they haven’t done so far.

There is only one candidate who has been doing anything and everything possible in the last ten days to promote himself in what seems to be a desperate campaign to win a seat on the Board of Education.

In this effort, Vinnie Tunnero has been heavily promoted by his backers as Halloween’s Route 3 accident “hero”, because Mr. Tunnero, on his way to pick up Halloween supplies, pulled an injured driver from a mangled truck that he had witnessed involved in a major accident. Later, Mr. Tunnero freely admitted on Facebook that he knew nothing about medical emergency care, or even CPR. Yet, somehow, Mr. Tunnero felt it was ok to pull a man with perhaps a broken neck or back from a vehicle that wasn’t on fire. I do know something about that, my husband has been an emergency RN at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for thirty years. He’s witnessed injuries compounded by clueless people like Vinnie Tunnero. ONLY medical professionals should remove a person from a wreak, unless there is dire need to move them (like a fire). DJs, hairstylists, mortgage brokers and candidates looking to promote themselves for local office as “heroes” should keep their hands off what they don’t know, be they critically injured people or a very seriously messed up public school system.

Vinnie Tunnero is clearly an entertainer and showboat who doesn’t understand what he is saying and doing or what he does and does not know. He isn’t from Lyndhurst, so he doesn’t know our history or the issues here well. Yet, Mr. Tunnero acts like an expert, not having had a career or volunteer involvement that in anyway prepares him to be the kind of Board of Education Trustee that Lyndhurst needs right now.

I don’t care what Mr. Tunnero or Mr. Pizzuti or anyone else does in their private lives. I do care when one of them tries to make themselves appear to be the answer to everything the public needs, when they have in reality never done anything or said anything of any substance.

That offends me more than that ridiculous mailing against Mr. Pizzuti, which will be soon forgotten. Mr. Tunnero, on the other hand, if he becomes a BOE Trustee with a total lack of qualifications, will do far worse serious damage in the long term.

If this matters to you too, please VOTE Tuesday, November 6.

I’ll have the local election results posted here as we get them on Tuesday night.

A final note.

While this site will continue as it has been soon after Tuesday night's election, the pseudonym Jimmy Scoop Jr. will be no more.

Legal papers will be filed this week that will reveal the names of several individuals involved in this site as they pursue lawsuits regarding their individual civil rights being violated as they worked for this site within the Township of Lyndhurst. When these legal actions commence, even though I am not a party directly, I will voluntarily reveal my name for the record too.

Fair is fair. 

I will not let others stand alone to publicly face those who abused government powers to help a political family that was displeased by my words. 

Until then, I thank Lyndhurst for your readership and support.

See you soon.
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