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I spent a fair amount of time during this past BOE election removing anonymous comments about a certain candidate’s private life, leading up to a notorious anonymous mailing probably sent by the same people days before the election.

Now, likely some of these same low-brow idiots are bombarding this site with non-stop anonymous comments, including about my late father and my personal life, etc., in what appears to be an effort to back me off writing anything that politically harms them in a fair manner (you know the cast of characters). You may or may not like what I think and write, but it hasn’t been about their personal lives, just public conduct and records and qualifications.

If you are wondering what I am referring to, check this out (see comments):


While I don’t understand the logic of this approach (my apology, I’m not a moron like them), I definitely understand what they are afraid of.

Below are the numbers reflecting the traffic to this site on Election Night and the following day. The election updates posted (see Lyndhurst Votes) on this site received 2,328 page views in just 24 hours.

Having access to that many folks that quickly, appears to be unnerving some people.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to watch and read comments all day long to monitor this crazy crap being posted. So, unfortunately the comments section must be overhauled in terms of  procedures to post.

While we figure that out, for now things have been set so when you write and post a comment, nothing happens as far as you can see. However, when you click PUBLISH after writing I can see what you want posted as pending approval. If what you posted isn’t insane, such as the above, I will approve the comment, usually within a day or so.

Sorry to have to do this. This is a stop gap measure as we try to figure out a way to handle this better.


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