Who do you appreciate?

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Lyndhurst’s ruling class doesn’t like to be questioned. And when they are questioned legitimately and they have nothing to offer in response (because they are usually corrupt and wrong), crap like this always starts.

It’s a shame they don’t allow for open Free Speech, but what else is new?

Be it an election setback for them or a legal challenge to them (both factors here), you can always count on this trash talk being the result of these idiots feeling threatened.

I’ve got nothing else to say other than whomever is doing this, you’re all not just nuts, you’re all losers in every sense of the word. And trust me, I’m not remotely afraid of you doing this. I know who I am, what I think, and you won’t bully me from what I am going to do.

Here are your words and IP addresses and my first name for all to read:

This is an easier to read version:

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