VINNIE WINS! But do you?

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Actually, Vinnie Tunnero hasn’t won yet (they still have to count a few votes), but it’s looking good for him, as Monu Sohal of likes to point out.




Absentee Lyndhurst Landlord Monu Sohal

What Mr. Sohal doesn’t like to point out is that he told a much more qualified candidate, Giovanni Gaccione, that he supported him for BOE over Mr. Tunnero, until that young candidate did not have a lawn sign to give Mr. Sohal to put on one of his investment properties in Lyndhurst. They are investment properties because Mr. Sohal moved his family to Texas last summer, so his daughter could attend better schools than Lyndhurst has to offer.

Yet, this ABSENTEE LANDLORD (Lyndhurst has a lot of them) felt he had the right to undermine young Mr. Gaccione’s campaign in the final week when Mr. Gaccione could not respond. Mr. Sohal told me he did this because he didn’t like who Mr. Gaccione’s family was friends with or that the candidate did not provide him a sign and that meant he was a loser. Mr. Sohal then started pushing four candidates for three seats, helping divide the “change” vote.

Mr. Gaccione’s clear qualifications over Vinnie Tunnero’s apparently no longer mattered to Mr. Sohal, with his daughter now educated elsewhere, and Mr. Sohal abruptly shifted gears and began pushing Vinnie Tunnero (a very questionable candidate) as a fourth choice, who apparently has now won by the slimmest of margins.

It was all understandably confusing to voters.

As a result, some of the “change” votes that should have gone to the “real” qualified candidate (Gaccione) instead apparently went to Mr. Tunnero. In the end, a little over 100 votes out of over 7,000 votes cast would have changed the outcome in Mr. Gaccione’s favor.

Given his premature posts, Mr. Sohal seems proud to have helped accomplish this in favor of Mr. Tunnero.

But should Mr. Sohal be proud? I wouldn’t be. But then, I’m not interested in what Lyndhurst politicians think, whereas Mr. Sohal seems to be working some very odd angles to impress some of them.

Commissioner and Lyndhurst Public School Electrical Contractor John Montillo (left) and his fellow Tunnero for BOE prime backer, Lyndhurst Teacher Darius Hughes (right).

And neither should Commissioner John Montillo be proud, for pushing his dwindling supporters so hard to “bullet vote” for the unqualified Mr. Tunnero. Mr. Montillo, also a NO-BID contractor for the Board of Education, obviously wanted a vote to support him unethically working for the BOE while a Commissioner and it apparently did not matter to Mr. Montillo what unqualified idiot he had to support to accomplish that goal.

Nor should Darius Hughes be proud, as Lyndhurst teacher no less, who also worked so hard for Mr. Tunnero, a completely moronic acting candidate. Are these Lyndhurst teachers’ standards too?

Not impressive.

Well regardless, it looks like Lyndhurst now has to live with Mr. Tunnero on the Board of Education as a deciding vote. And that’s a shame, because he has nothing to offer Lyndhurst or public education in general at a time of great need here.

Shame on you Mr. Sohal, Mr. Hughes and Commissioner Montillo.

I do hope you all were right, but I know from vast political and governmental experience that you were not. I also know the three of you helped fool the people of Lyndhurst into buying Vinnie Tunnero’s bulls**t as he campaigned furiously (usually so for a BOE seat) in the final week.

Why is that?

Now the three of you (Sohal, Hughes and Montillo) can live with what Mr. Tunnero does on the BOE as the ones principally responsible for what I see as a disaster to come, in the form of BOE Trustee Vinnie Tunnero.

I suspect, once the public sees Vinnie Tunnero in action on the Board of Education, a severe case of buyers’ remorse will kick in. I just hope the voters remember the three men (Sohal, Hughes and Montillo) who sold them the lemon, so they don’t buy their crap again.

In the meantime, congratulations guys. Even though you definitely don’t deserve it, just like the candidate you helped apparently win.

On the bright side, Rick Pizzuti and Frank Ferrandino were clear winners. I hope what they have to offer compensates for what Vinnie Tunnero does not.

I know people are supposed to be polite after the election and kiss and makeup. Normally that’s true. But, it’s not true when children’s futures and a town’s future are at at risk.

I’ll save polite for when Lyndhurst doesn’t elect a disaster.


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