John & Vinnie, it’s time to tell the VOTERS what was kept from them during the campaign…

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Since the election there have been rumors running rampant throughout Lyndhurst about Board of Education candidate Vinnie Tunnero and serious legal problems he and his backers hid from the voters in the weeks before the election.

I had my private investigator and attorneys track down rumors to obtain the facts, and this morning I received this:

If Mr. Tunnero wins a seat on the School Board this week, he and Commissioner John Montillo owe the people, especially those they convinced to vote for Tunnero, an explanation for why they promoted a Tunnero candidacy as a HONEST voice for change, when obviously something serious was being hidden from the voters.

When we get the reports requested in the email above from the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office they will be published here.

Heads up, gentlemen.

Before then, I hope Mr. Tunnero and Mr. Montillo come clean first and explain to Lyndhurst why this wasn’t revealed before the Board of Education election, or after.




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