Here’s how the TUNNERO SEAT will likely be filled…

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Several people have asked about how the seat won by Vincent Tunnero will be filled, now that Tunnero is stepping aside.

Here is what I think the process is:

  1. The seat will not be vacant until Mr. Tunnero would have begun his term, in January of 2019 (for the remainder of 2018, Tunnero has no seat to vacate, thus there is no seat to fill);
  2. In January of 2019, the Lyndhurst BOE will be left with a vacancy to be filled after Tunnero would have been sworn-in;
  3. The Board, in January of 2019, will then be left with eight members (Vuono, Alcuri, Abruscato, Andrinopoulos, Donovan, Keefe, plus new members Pizzuti and Ferrandino);
  4. Those eight Lyndhurst BOE members will then, according to the NJ School Boards Association, follow the procedure attached below to replace Vincent Tunnero, who won a seat in 2018 but vacated it in January of 2019.

As far as I can tell, from what I’ve read, there is no obligation for the BOE to fill the vacancy with any of the candidates who lost in 2018, regardless of who finished immediately after Mr. Tunnero.

I hope this helps readers understand what I think is the functional process to replace Tunnero, so you can all advocate for your choices to be a replacement accordingly.

SEE THE PDF VERSION HERE: resources-policy-ppm-9000-9113

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