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Hi, Lyndhurst.

Since the never ending BOE drama has come to a close (almost), I have been and will be slowing down posting on this site for the remainder of 2018, into January of 2019.

First, I’m beat. It’s been a long year. But, I am very energized at the same time. For the first time in a long time, Lyndhurst is finally moving in the right direction, one that includes everyone, not just the chosen “power” families and their friends.

Second, I need time to prepare this site for the long haul to help good folks take back not only the Board of Education, but the Board of Commissioners for the people, not the politicians.

Third, I need rotator cuff surgery soon, which will lay me up for a few weeks.

I spent this morning with an old personal friend and the returning Mayor of the City of Englewood, Michael Wildes, at The 17th Annual Conference of Holocaust Educators Conference, where Michael was the keynote speaker.

Lyndhurst needs a mayor with his humility, energy and purpose. I have no doubt that all of us working together can do for Lyndhurst what Michael is doing for Englewood, in bringing diverse people together, seeking better investment and planned growth and providing his town with a better public image.

To all of those who reached out and asked me to please not shut down this site, fear not. This is just a small break from the day-to-day grind. I promise urgent news will continued to be posted through everything cited above and sooner than later we will be back in business.

Congratulations everyone for making your voices heard and making a real difference for Lyndhurst. Trust, we are only just beginning.

Happy Holidays!


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