is Boss Bobby’s taxpayer paid $30,000 plus a year, political PROPAGANDA “news” site…

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Have you checked out what Mayor Bobby wants you to believe is the official website for real “news” about Lyndhurst?

Mayor Bobby had a tantrum against on July 24, 2018 at a Board of Commissioners meeting, the very same week Mayor Bobby contracted to start with your tax dollars a fake government PR “news” site called

It’s called…and if you pay Lyndhurst property taxes, you should be very interested in this website (not because it informs you of the truth, but because of the price you pay for it). is government sponsored news, not independent news

You see, is yet another of Mayor Bobby’s desperate attempts to answer the damning facts published about him and his government on my private website, Hey, Boss Bobby has a right to Free Speech too, except this Free Speech isn’t freefor taxpayers.

While my site, is privately owned, independent, and paid for by me, their PR answer to me ( is paid for entirely by you, the property taxpayers of Lyndhurst.

So what does cost Lyndhurst taxpayers?

$7,500 every three months (plus $150 for every photo taken and website hosting costs); a total of OVER $30,000 a year!

Should taxpayers be overpaying for Mayor Bobby’s political propaganda “news” website to combat the less favorable coverage (i.e., the truth) about Boss Bobby and his team published here by me on, backed up by official government documents as proofs of claims I make in articles?

What follows are the official government documents I personally paid my private attorney to acquire from the Township of Lyndhurst government under OPRA (Open Public Records Act) laws; documents which prove Mayor Bobby is now using your tax dollars to fund his “crafted” “news” and “PR” campaign to make himself look better than he really is.

Was it a coincidence that was registered as a website the very same week Mayor Bobby had his tantrum on July 24, 2018 at a Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners meeting (see the video below)? During his tantrum, Boss Bobby read from a prepared statement at that meeting and attacked me as “a political operative” with “political motivations” and as an “illicit, anonymous news site” and “fake news”.

OK, let’s say I do have political motivations, that’s my right, no? Also, the government documents I pay for and publish here are never fake. And regardless, should the Lyndhurst taxpayers pay for my “political motivations” too, like Boss Bobby is making the taxpayers pay for his “political motivations”?

I don’t think they should pay for either. If Mayor Bobby has something political to promote, I think he should promote it on his own dime.

Boss Bobby is not only a longtime corrupt mayor, he is now a very desperate politician.

Is this the best you can do, Mayor Bobby? Sad.

Check out both of the Lyndhurst tax paid government websites. Why does Lyndhurst government need two expensive government websites, one supposedly “official” and the other supposedly “news”? (the Orginal government information site) (the New government “news” propaganda site)

COMING SOON: The truth and bills for the firstTownship of Lyndhurst’s government paid website (…which is run through a business owned by one of Mayor Bobby’s fellow politicians (another Mayor) and alone has cost Lyndhurst taxpayers so many hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to this politician it is also highly suspect, to say the least.

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