What kind of Police Chief will crooked Bobby appoint?

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Just because some are given police badges or are made police bosses, doesn’t mean they have honor and abide by the law. Consider what happened just last week in Baltimore, Maryland.

Ex-Police Boss Gets 10-Month Prison Sentence for Tax Fraud

By The Associated Press

  • March 29, 2019

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore police commissioner who resigned last year after less than four months on the job was sentenced Friday to 10 months in prison for failing to file federal tax returns, a crime that ended his law enforcement career and was another headline-making embarrassment for the city.

Darryl De Sousa was sentenced in a federal courtroom in Baltimore, telling the judge he was “humbled and ashamed for what I did.” After initially portraying the tax crimes as a simple oversight, he later pleaded guilty to three counts of failure to file individual returns for 2013 to 2015 and admitted in a plea agreement he falsely inflated deductions years before that.

With members of his family and a few longtime friends sitting in the courtroom gallery, De Sousa said his “terrible decision” had resulted in the humiliating collapse of his 30-year career in Baltimore law enforcement and dealt a major blow to his reputation.

“I basically lost it all,” De Sousa told U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake.

Prosecutors had sought one year in prison for De Sousa, whose lawyer sought probation or home detention. He had faced as much as three years behind bars.



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