Boss Bobby to appoint new Police Chief based on nepotism, NOT qualifications…

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The Observer newspaper has announced this morning that Lyndhurst’s Mayor, Bobby Giangeruso, is appointing Lt. Richard Jarvis, Jr. as the new Lyndhurst Chief of Police. Lt. Jarvis, Jr. is the son of both Giangeruso’s running mate, Commissioner Richard Jarvis, Sr., a plumber, and Giangeruso’s secretary, Amy Jarvis.

Commissioner Richard Jarvis, Sr.

Lt. Richard Jarvis, Jr., who has an educational background in teaching, not criminal justice, and has never served his country in the military, is being appointed Police Chief over higher ranking and better qualified officer, Captain Patrick Devlin.

Captain Devlin was a investigative division supervisor, hired in December 1994, made detective in 2000, elevated to sergeant in 2003 and to lieutenant 2009. He is tactical commander of the Special Response Team and founder of the Junior Police Academy. He has a bachelor’s degree in police studies from John Jay College and a master’s in administrative science from FDU. He served six years with the Marine Corps and is an instructor with the West Point Command & Leadership Program. 

Mayor and Police Commissioner Giangeruso is reported to be swearing in Chief Jarvis today at 5pm in Town Hall Park.

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