How did Anthony DiMaggio become a Sheriff’s Officer?

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There has been much written in recent days by Joyce DiMaggio and her family regarding their belief that they are the victims of unfair judgements by others. Some of what the DiMaggios say outright threatens others’ free speech, even implying the firing of a public employee for the words of her family members. Most of it is exactly what we have all come to expect from the DiMaggio Family: unethical arrogance and complete denial.

But consider this:

When someone rejects a diagnosis of mental illness, it’s tempting to say that he’s “in denial.” But someone with acute mental illness may not be thinking clearly enough to consciously choose denial. They may instead be experiencing “lack of insight” or “lack of awareness.”

SOURCE: Anosognosia | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Do the DiMaggios actually think the public has forgotten that Mayor Robert Giangeruso referred to Joyce DiMaggio as “a nut” when the police had to physically separate the two in Town Hall Park several years ago? It’s a matter of public record. Do the DiMaggios think we the people do not have the right to have the same opinion as the mayor?

Well, of course the DiMaggios think that; it’s just another example of their “lack of insight” or “lack of awareness”. I don’t think you should take the DiMaggio Family’s bizarre behavior personally, but like Mayor Giangeruso, you don’t have to take it.

There is nothing illegal about calling a nut a nut, even if you work for the government the nut’s husband is elected to oversee. It’s called free speech, a concept the DiMaggios have yet to grasp, but will become more familiar to them in the months ahead.

I plan to further do my part soon, with a few articles explaining in detail how Anthony “Tony” DiMaggio was made a Sheriff’s Officer over the objections at the time of then Bergen County Sheriff Leo Maguire.

Before the DiMaggios go into public denial and attack mode, I hope they remember the number of witnesses and participants involved in making young Mr. DiMaggio a Sheriff’s Officer, including myself, and consider if anybody in a key role will commit perjury to maintain the DiMaggio Family’s lies if they challenge me.

I doubt key players will, as some have more than a lot to lose by lying under oath.

The people of Lyndhurst know Gina DiMaggio became a Lyndhurst public school teacher without a teaching certificate thanks to Commissioner Tommy DiMaggio’s influence in local politics. How Anthony “Tony” DiMaggio became a Sheriff’s Officer based on his father’s political demands is even worse.

(left to right) Gina, Joyce, Tommy, Roberta and Tony DiMaggio

The DiMaggios are very, very far from the civic saints they portray themselves to be, and it’s time to start explaining why that is true in detail, not by calling them silly names, just by stating the serious facts.

Stay tuned.

Added 9:15am Monday, May 6, 2019, more Facebook threats from the DiMaggios:

Added by David Sivella:

Shouldn’t you be sure of something you threaten someone about, Ms. Roberta…before you start shopping for proof? Ah, the DiMaggios never stop running their mouths and making threats before knowing the facts…stay tuned…I’ll post Roberta DiMaggio’s rants and accusations here too!

You are right about two things honey: 1) I am not a living Saint…but I’m a hell of a lot better a person than the sleazy folks in your family (like your husband who calls in anonymous false police reports about non-existent hate crimes to the LPD); and , 2) we all know what your family is all about…

Good luck. Hope you have your facts straight, and if not a really good family attorney 😉

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