Oh, Joyce…it’s time for us to file a report on you.

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Joyce DiMaggio has been calling herself a victim a lot these past few days, all over Social Media. Joyce accuses people of calling her nasty names, while she calls them even worse. Joyce says others have committed criminal acts against her and her family, while she threatens them with police aggressively even more.

I submit for your consideration the following as evidence that Joyce DiMaggio (and the family who defends her) may be suffering from some serious delusional thinking.

Consider this Lyndhurst police report from May 5, 2014. It’s about Joyce DiMaggio filing a Harassment complaint against a nine-year-old and a one-year-old and their parents because they were peacefully enjoying Town Hall Park across the street from Joyce and Tommy DiMaggio’s house on Tontine Avenue.

Joyce DiMaggio considered this young family and their little kids such a big threat to Lyndhurst that she wanted to photograph these children, against the parents’ wishes, so Joyce could post their photos on Facebook (presumably to make all of Lyndhurst aware of the threats to her park posed by these kiddies). Joyce also told the police summoned by her that she had photographed the same kids the year before near the park’s fountain. If that isn’t “nuts” as Mayor Giangeruso called her not long after, I don’t know what is.

Joyce DiMaggio posted this photo on Facebook of a young family and their child in Town Hall Park by the Fountain, against the parents’ wishes.

I suspect the only reason Joyce wasn’t taken to a mental facility that day for a 72-hour hold was her husband’s political clout with a clearly frustrated Lyndhurst Police Department.

Am I disparaging Joyce DiMaggio and the entire DiMaggio Family as sport, as her daughter-in-law complains repeatedly? Or am I simply stating the obvious on behalf of a frightened and intimidated public? I believe the latter.

It’s clear, and here’s why:

How would Roberta and Anthony “Tony” DiMaggio feel if a woman behaving like a lunatic as Joyce DiMaggio is described to be in the police report below took photos of their precious toddler son in a public park against their will, more than once?

And how would you feel if you were The Scott Family, whose mother, Pat, works as a secretary at the DPW? In recent days, Joyce DiMaggio and her questionable Social Media backers have threatened Pat Scott’s government job, her daughters’ business, and another daughter’s position as a volunteer coach, all because Pat’s children (not Pat) spoke out against Joyce. 

Prior, hypocritically, Joyce DiMaggio actually threateningly approached Michele Scott on July 10, 2015 in the very same Town Hall park, where Joyce took photos of small children without their parents’ consent the year before, BECAUSE a year later Michele Scott was taking Joyce’s photo (actually filming Joyce) as Joyce went on a rampage before Michele as Joyce DiMaggio stalked up to her.

Here is the video evidence:

The next day, July 11, 2015, true to DiMaggio form, Joyce filed a false police Harassment complaint, claiming it was she, Joyce DiMaggio, who was the victim being stalked by Michele Scott, not her stalking Michele, as was true.

And so it goes in Lyndhurst, a town right outside of Manhattan, with great transportation and assets, all being squandered by corrupt, greedy, mediocre and, in some cases, unbalanced political families.

If the DiMaggio Family is so concerned about their reputation, as they claim to be, the DiMaggios should take Joyce away and step out of public life, where they are causing much harm to too many people, and leave the public to build a better future for themselves.

The DiMaggio Family would soon be forgotten, as they should be, and then they will have the anonymity necessary to live in the completely delusional world they demand we all participate in because one of them holds a position of power.

Enough already. Resign Commissioner DiMaggio, if not for you, for your grandchildren, as well as everybody else’s’.

You can’t fill out enough mail-in ballots for yourself again in 2021 to make up for all this Commissioner, even if you are allowed to stay that long, regardless.

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