NJ’s King and Queen of England!

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In a story in NJ.com this week, former Bergen County Chairman Lou Stellato’s arch-nemesis and New Jersey’s top Democratic powerbroker, George Norcross III, took a few shots at Stellato’s 2017 pick for Governor, calling Phil Murphy a “lair” and “politically incompetent”.

George Norcross III

“What’s the end game for this guy?” Norcross asked. “Well, I’m telling you: He thinks he’s the King of England and Mrs. thinks she’s the Queen of England, and they don’t have to answer to anybody. And they’ve gone out there recklessly, stupidly and incompetently time and time again.”

Norcross’s reference to the governor’s wife was a not-so-subtle jab at First Lady Tammy Murphy, who some political observers have privately referred to as the “co-governor” because of her powerful role in the Murphy’s administration.


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