Bring it on, Joyce…

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The DiMaggio Family members are like the Domestic Abusers of the people of Lyndhurst.

THE DiMAGGIO CLAN: (left to right) daughter Gina, Mama Joyce, Papa Tommy, daughter-in-law Roberta and son Tony.

Commissioner Tommy DiMaggio has had no issue with lying about people in an official capacity for years. Joyce DiMaggio, his wife, has filed false police reports lying about others. Their son, Bergen County Sheriff Officer Anthony “Tony” DiMaggio, who should know better, has followed in his parents’ footsteps. Officer DiMaggio filed his own false police report last summer, lying when calling in a “hate” crime to the Lyndhurst Police Department to silence CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED LEGAL free speech because The DiMaggio Family does not approve of this site, which Roberta DiMaggio (the Officer’s wife) recently admitted to being true in writing as the reason for her husband’s false claims in his LPD call for backup assistance.

There are real, and legal, consequences to these actions. The DiMaggio Family seems determined to make sure they do not face those consequences by implying threats in desperation.

Do you think you are going to back me off with veiled threats, Joyce?

Think again.

Bring it on, Joyce. I’ve faced tougher than the likes of “The DiMaggios” in my life.

What I have written on this site is truth based on facts, obtained from government records, by lawyers, under the law. That is more than I can say about you and your fake police reports (which is a crime you know, Joyce…and it doesn’t exactly make you credible when it comes to telling the truth in any forum).

The DiMaggios are a group of bullies in my opinion. They threaten the employees of the Township, the taxpayers of the Township, anyone they deem not one of their “followers”.

What The DiMaggios fail to grasp is that everyone has a right to their opinion, even if that opinion diverges from that of The DiMaggios.

I’ve got a 2013 audio recording of Commissioner DiMaggio screaming about the old Lyndhurst message board at a public meeting because unknown people (one he incorrectly implied was me) were writing derogatory things about him. So, DiMaggio demanded a taxpayer funded and illegal investigation of that old message board site to reveal who was speaking out against him. In 2015, I witnessed Lyndhurst High School teacher Gina DiMaggio chase one of her students down a street during non-school hours, yelling at this student because he dared to carry a petition door-to-door for a group I worked with seeking to change the form of Lyndhurst government, and she did not approve of him doing it. I also have a 2018 official Lyndhurst police dispatcher recording of Officer DiMaggio calling in a false report to the LPD, claiming the distribution of “hate flyers” in Town Hall Park that were in reality simply cards with hearts and this website address on them (nothing more). And, of course there has always been Joyce DiMaggio and her Facebook rants, and now Roberta DiMaggio ranting too.

Bullies shouldn’t be backed away from, or they feel more empowered and bully their victims even more aggressively. So, bring it on Joyce and Tommy, and ‘lil Officer Tony, and Gina, and now Roberta (who has no clue or historical references of what she speaks with such authority about).

I will fight The DiMaggios until all of them are out of public life, on behalf of a public, government employees, even kids in a park, all of whom The DiMaggios routinely abuse because they consider us beneath them, especially if we don’t do as they say we should do.

The DiMaggios act like the public Domestic Abusers of many in Lyndhurst. Enough already. Resign Commissioner DiMaggio. You may be surprised to know, I actually have a legal right to write and say “this in full public view, online”. Duh…

I also have a right to call all The DiMaggios idiots, which in my opinion they most certainly have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, they all are.


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