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I started this blog in 2017 because Joyce DiMaggio and her family attempted to silence Free Speech in Lyndhurst and any criticism of Joyce’s husband, Commissioner Thomas DiMaggio, and Mayor Robert Giangeruso, by threatening the owners of the old Lyndhurst Message Board repeatedly, until that site was closed for good.

Weeks later, was born. I own it privately and it isn’t a business so the DiMaggios threats don’t influence me, much to their chagrin. Even if The DiMaggios did file six police reports against us and could get the local police to throw us out of a public park unconstitutionally, they still can’t shut down this site.

Today Joyce DiMaggio, the self-appointed keeper of all truth and sole determiner of what is and is not “Fake News”, called what I do with this site a “cult” in one of her latest Facebook rants.

A cult?

If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. But I think readers should decide for themselves who acts out in a cultish manner; myself and people who agree or disagree with me, or The DiMaggios and their government and their followers?

It’s important people decide what is appropriate non-cult behavior, so the next government elected in Lyndhurst isn’t permitted to repeat the offenses of the past.

Are you one of The DiMaggios’ so called “Silent Majority”?

The silent majority is an unspecified large group of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly.  The term was popularized by U.S. PresidentRichard Nixon in a November 3, 1969, speech in which he said, “And so tonight—to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans—I ask for your support.”

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