Read The Record on charges of Lyndhurst BOE nepotism…

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From The Record newspaper, May 31, 2019:

“’The thing is it’s going to set a bad precedent,’ said Robert Williams, president of the Lyndhurst Education Association, who argued that a school board should not ignore the recommendation of a superintendent, principal or other administrator.”

Former Lyndhurst Superintendent Shauna DeMarco’s professional opinion was ignored and overridden by the elected Board of Education. An appeal charging nepotism has resulted.

‘The NJEA also accuses the [Lyndhurst school] board of nepotist hiring practices for not retaining Truncellito for the ‘already budgeted’ position, instead claiming one board member sought to hire a Lyndhurst resident to fill the post. Truncellito is a Rutherford resident.”

“The [Lyndhurst school] board and its attorney deny the NJEA’s claims of wrongdoing in a response, filed with an administrative law judge.”

Read the REAL NEWS:

Lyndhurst BOE President Erin Keefe

‘While the [Lyndhurst school] board refutes all claims in Truncellito’s appeal, current board President Erin Keefe testified that her colleague, Susan Alcuri, expressed in executive session a preference to hire a Lyndhurst resident.”

Think for yourself.

Don’t let them think for you.

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