NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Readership tops 6,000…

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This site has been called “fake news” and a “cult” by those critiqued on its pages. But if that were true, it means Lyndhurst has a cult of thousands who enjoy fake news.

In reality, the large readership represents two different groups.

One group are the subjects of much written here. I think it’s safe to assume that these politicians and their followers represent a decent number of readers. My guess is there’s a maximum of 2,000 users/readers who back the “Administration” in that Mayor Giangeruso was top vote getter with 2,000 votes in the last election. Yet, that’s still a very generous estimate. Not that many of them read this site, after all not many of them read.

There’s also the other group, the rest who are not them. That other group is now bigger than their group in that there are more individual user/readers of his site than ever. With reaching over 6,000 unique users this past month, over 2,000 in the last week alone.

The readership math factors out like this:

Total unique users/readers monthly: 6,000+

Minus pro-Giangeruso/DiMaggio user/readers: -2,000

Remaining unique user/readers: 4,000+

Minus duplicate & out of Lyndhurst users/readers: -1,000


3,000 to 4,000 unique users/readers of this site from Lyndhurst, who aren’t favorable to how the current crop of local politicians do things. That is very bad math for Bobby Giangeruso and Tommy DiMaggio and their team, in that they are even less popular than ever based on votes received in 2017. That year, the Giangeruso team had between 300-400 curious “mail ballots” cast and counted within unprecedented all-time low vote totals. After getting these unheard of “mail ballot” counts and spending over $165,000 to be re-elected to a $6,000 a year part-time job, the Mayor scored a total of only 2,000 votes and the rest of the “winners” dropped even lower with 1900, 1800, down into 1700 vote counts, respectively.

Are you surprised they’re now so upset at being questioned here; or anywhere?

3,000 to 4,000 unhappy unique users/readers of this site vs. 2,000 happy “Administration” voters last election?

They can call “fake news”, even a “cult”.

Most folks would just call “bad math”, for them.

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