The NJ Senate joins in asking “where is Stellato” really living?

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Some folks like to attack this blog as “fake news”.

Well if what I report on this site were really “fake news”, as certain people claim in defense of their clear abuses, I suspect the New Jersey Senate might not be joining me in questioning outgoing Bergen County Democratic Committee Chairman Lou Stellato about his true place of residence over one year after it was first questioned here.

Outgoing Democratic Boss Lou Stellato (left) with Bobby Giangeruso


My taking offense with former Mayor Lou Stellato likely no longer living in Lyndhurst was based in the involvement and influence Mr. Stellato has had in Lyndhurst politics after departing with no clear plans to return. It’s offensive, if true, because that means Mr. Stellato no longer has to live with the consequences of what he does to Lyndhurst from a luxury home in Woodland Park in Passaic County, New Jersey.

Remember, Mr. Stellato was the driving force behind the Giangeruso Administration’s re-election in Lyndhurst in 2017, raising over $165,000 for that campaign to win $6,000 part-time Board of Commission seats by very slim margins. That same 2017 Giangeruso campaign also saw the largest number of mail-in ballots ever cast in a local Lyndhurst election; the number of which ranged from 300-400 ballots per candidate and represented the difference between victory and defeat for the Giangeruso ticket as a whole.

So, love him or not, it is clear Mr. Stellato has had considerable influence in the current administration in Lyndhurst having been elected; and, Mr. Stellato continues to have considerable influence in what these officials do after being elected. Today, Mr. Stellato’s personal attorney and friend, Carmine Alampi, literally runs Lyndhurst as Township Attorney working in close proximity to our hapless Mayor in his mayoral offices. Mr. Alampi does not live in Lyndhurst either, nor do most of the folks appointed by the Giangeruso Administration who have the largest impact on the future of our community.

As you can read for yourself in today’s Record newspaper article (linked above), voting where you don’t live is a crime that has been a problem throughout Bergen County during Mr. Stellato’s reign as Bergen County Democratic Party boss.

About two years ago I moved out of my house in Lyndhurst, a house my father bought in 1951, to have it gutted and renovated. While the house was empty, I moved my voting address to where I lived during the renovations. Perhaps it wasn’t necessary by Mr. Stellato’s rules, but I decided to error on the side of caution in that I had placed myself in a position to be an example as I questioned others in running this blog. Last month my family moved back into our rebuilt house and we will resume voting here, likely for the rest of my life.

Does former Mayor Lou Stellato still live in Lyndhurst, or in Passaic County? If Mr. Stellato did move back to Lyndhurst, when did he do so? And who is he living with, given his old home is now that of a relative and his relative’s own family? Is Mr. Stellato living with others? If not, is he having others also perpetuate a lie?

I hope not.

Lyndhurst is run so poorly because our elected officials are often selected not for ability, but because they were popular in High School. Meanwhile, the people with education and ability, who really call the shots under this administration, don’t have a stake in the Township as residents.

The overlords of Lyndhurst are here to profit from Lyndhurst, not to live here, and certainly not to protect our township or its people.

Right, Mr. Stellato?


Above is the May 25, 2018 story in which first questioned former Mayor Lou Stellato’s Lyndhurst residency over one year ago. Stellato went on to run for re-election as Bergen County Democratic Chairman in June 2018 as a Bergen County resident and continued to vote in Lyndhurst while questions about him living in Passaic County existed.
Take a video trip from the Lyndhurst “home” outgoing Bergen County Chairman Lou Stellato claimed was his residence, to the Passaic County home Lou Stellato and his wife own in a luxury community for older adults, aged 55 and above. In two weeks, the NJ state Senate is investigating Stellato’s true residence in connection to an appointment to the New Jersey Sport and Exposition Authority.
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