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When began in 2017 I never would have imagined a readership reaching Aruba, an island in the Caribbean best known for being owned by The Mafia.

Yet, last week enough readers in Aruba read to make Aruba show up on Google Analytics as a foreign place interested in our site.

There is an obvious reason for our new found global reach. Mayor Giangeruso was in Aruba recently; as were Commissioners Jarvis and Haggerty, Police Chief Jarvis and others from the Lyndhurst Police Department, as well as employees of other divisions of the Lyndhurst government.

Aruba is Bobby Giangeruso’s favored destination. It is documented that our mayor has traveled there often over the years with political allies and employees he has later promoted in Lyndhurst government over others, arguably better qualified.

This time it was a family event. So, I’m not going to question why they were all there or their absolute right to socialize as they please. But I reserve my right to say nothing speaks better to the familial “insiders only” reputation of our local government as much as tropical “invitation only” events attended by town employees favored in recent hiring and promotions by the politicians partying with them.

It’s more than a pattern of conflict, it gives the appearance of indifferent Lyndhurst emperors and their families and friends (many who work for the empire) drinking and partying in a pool in Aruba while back home Lyndhurst burns.

Charges of nepotism and favoritism in their government is all “Fake News” so these political families and their followers routinely say. Nothing reported on is real according to them…

So, why are more than a few them reading this site from Aruba?

The Lyndhurst “public servants” who read while sunning in Aruba, do so not to keep up with the latest fake news, but because of this simple truth:

The vast majority of people in Lyndhurst are now highly aware of this regime and their arrogance, abuses and incompetence resulting in failing public school management, extreme nepotism in government and a slum like appearance on our streets. These politicians and their pals know that over 36,000 users came to over 156,000 times since this site started in the Fall of 2017.

Less than two years left until the next election. Party on people…hurry up now, before the music stops.

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