Tonight we’re cancelling the DiMaggio Show…

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Tonight, marks the start of the Lyndhurst 2019 Summer Concert series in Town Hall Park.

More than a few folks have asked recently if we will again attend these concerts this summer to promote Lyndhurst07071.com. Frankly, I believe I’m asked this because many enjoy the thought of the DiMaggio Family making spectacles of themselves this year, as they did in 2018.

Sorry to disappoint, but there will be no one advocating for Lyndhurst07071.com in Town Hall Park this summer, at least at my direction. 

I imagine the DiMaggio Family and the Administration to which their patriarch belongs, as well as their dwindling crew of dimwitted, crude and rude backers, will consider this a victory. It isn’t really, unless you are an advocate of suppressing Constitutional Rights. 

But even if you are as arrogant and intellectually limited a person as the DiMaggios, and therefore you can’t grasp the offenses committed by the DiMaggios and others last year, trust me you shouldn’t take a DiMaggio victory lap just yet. Wait and watch as this is now a matter working its way through the Federal courts (at my expense, by the way…a cost already exceeding $25,000).

Why do I bother?

Look at it this way, how would you react if a DiMaggio called the police to file a completely false report of public “hate” activity supposedly committed by your son? How would you feel if that call resulted in local police (some politically connected to the DiMaggios) appearing and aggressively asking questions they had no business asking? How would you feel if your son’s photo was placed in a police file as a person of interest by a DiMaggio (and a recently promoted officer in need of serious retraining more than promoting) for the non-offense of handing out cards that simply read “Free Speech Returns Lyndhurst07071.com”?

The above and more actually happened to my son and several of his friends in 2018.

After these events, I was shown comments by a few DiMaggio supporters on Facebook accusing me of not showing proper concern for my son (who is a legal adult) because I allowed him to go to Town Hall Park to hand out inoffensive cards and therefore face this danger. Who was I supposed to expect this danger from, the DiMaggios?

It is twisted thinking like that, irrationality that is a DiMaggio staple, which perfectly illustrates the reason that this is now a Federal case. Are law abiding taxpayers supposed to give up their First Amendment Rights, or any other legal rights, because Lyndhurst has its own sovereign rules, independent of the United States Constitution, made up by certain local ruling families who are repeat offenders of being unethical idiots? 

I don’t think so, especially because the facts in this case are really offensive.

August 8, 2018 was not the first time Officer DiMaggio, his wife, Roberta, or his mother, Joyce, laid eyes on my son. In fact, they had met him repeatedly throughout the year and even knew his name and that he was my son.

Yet on August 8, 2018, Officer DiMaggio called in “hate” activity and sent the Lyndhurst police after my son who was supposedly unknown to him, describing my son as a “suspicious” acting and “Hispanic” male. (For the record, for any future calls by the DiMaggios to authorities, I am Italian/Irish, and my son is adopted and is of 100% Filipino decent.)

This fake call by Officer DiMaggio to Lyndhurst police was a highly reckless and an illegal act on DiMaggio’s part, in my opinion. When someone makes a baiting call to police reporting false “hate” activity supposedly taking place in public, the caller takes responsibility for potentially lighting a fuse in today’s violent world; a world filled with irrational acts that challenge responsible police throughout the country daily. 

The Lyndhurst Police Department should be as angered as I am about Officer DiMaggio’s SWATTING inspired fake emergency call to them. DiMaggio’s August 8, 2018 call sent the LPD on a wild goose chase after innocents in a public park filled with people only feet from where a controversial police shooting occurred only a few years before.

I think the average rational person understands that calling the police about fake “hate” activity in a crowded park is a recipe for a potential deadly tragedy. But shouldn’t a sworn officer of the law, one Anthony DiMaggio, a Sergeant supervising other officers in the Sheriff’s Department, understand that risk better than almost anyone?

I have told my son and his friends to never to go near any of the DiMaggios again, adding that if they see a DiMaggio walking toward them, they should run in the opposite direction.

Regardless of how wrong the DiMaggios’ terror tactics are in forcing appropriately behaving persons from a public place, my unarmed son and his friends’ Constitutional Rights to be in Town Hall Park don’t beat guns and bullets, regardless of who is right. And I am very aware, and highly concerned in general, that Officer DiMaggio, who in my opinion has demonstrated very irrational and reckless behavior toward my child, carries a weapon given him by the Bergen County Sheriff’s Department. If Officer DiMaggio thinks I am out of bounds in speaking of this concern, sue me and let’s see if the courts think I have no basis for feeling this way. And be prepared to answer for your history of behavior.

While we will avoid the DiMaggios like the plague this summer and forever out of court, we are not avoiding confronting the DiMaggios in court where they belong. I am bringing them before a judge no matter what it costs, because letting bullies like the DiMaggios threateningly run roughshod over me, my family and the people of the Township of Lyndhurst, which my family first called home nearly a century ago, just isn’t a consideration.

Finally, I remind Joyce DiMaggio, who often moans that no one should ever criticize her middle-aged children’s offensive public conduct lest Mama Joyce DiMaggio will pounce, that she should be aware that what her man-child police officer son did to my then 20 year old in a SWATTING-like call to local police, makes the consequences of my mere free speech opinions about her very adult children’s conduct pale in comparison when it comes to realistic potential harm.

See you all in court. Meanwhile, enjoy your concerts.

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