BREAKING NEWS: Lyndhurst’s Board of Commissioners faces NEW conflicts of interest about Police…

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Bobby Giangeruso’s Board of Hacks makes REAL news again in today’s RECORD:

By Nicholas Katzban, North Jersey Record July 13, 2019

LYNDHURST — The township’s Board of Commissioners will face some conflicts of interest when it comes time to vote on police salaries later this year.

Two of the five commissioners have relatives who work in the police department, therefore will have to recuse themselves from voting — an issue depending on how the remaining three commissioners vote and whether or not a greater majority is needed. In those situations, decisions will be held up.

Conflicted Commissioner Richard Jarvis (left) just saw his son, Lt. Richard Jarvis, promoted to Police Chief over a higher ranking, better educated officer who served his country in the Marines. However, qualifications and service to the country, yet again, took a back seat to family connections. Chief Jarvis’ mother is also Mayor Giangeruso’s secretary.

A doctrine of necessity may be necessary when new police salaries appear on the commission’s agenda, Poro said, because a greater majority is required on matters that control municipal spending.

doctrine of necessity may be invoked when a quorum of board trustees have conflicts that prevents them from voting on a matter, such as a superintendent’s evaluation or ratifying a contract.

In order to use the doctrine, a board must publicly adopt a resolution that states  the nature of the conflicts, and then members may cast their votes. Last year, reported the Lyndhurst School Board invoked the doctrine 29 times in three years.

Conflicted Commissioner Karen Haggerty (left) was found to be voting in conflict just last month when she gave her son, Lyndhurst Police Sergeant Paul Haggerty, a second paid job for the Fire Department.


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