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Dell ‘Aquila files legal objection to BOE petition

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Last week the Bergen County Clerk’s Elections Office told several callers, including this site, that a Vincent Acosta had filed his petition for a 3-year term on the Lyndhurst Board of Education. Today, Anthony Dell ‘Aquila, a candidate for the Lyndhurst BOE’s 2-year unexpired term on November 5 proved we were all told wrong.

Dell ‘Aquila took the extra step of going to Hackensack this week to check the validity of all the candidates’ petitions filed for Lyndhurst BOE by last Monday’s deadline, July 29.

In doing so, Dell ‘Aquila, discovered that another young man, 26 year old Vincent Acosta, had also filed for the single 2-year term seat open on the Lyndhurst Board of Education this year, not one of the three 3-year term seats open, as this site reported earlier. Dell ‘Aquila’s extra efforts also revealed that Acosta had filed his BOE petition illegally, using out of town signatures as Acosta’s petitioners along with a fraudulent signed sworn statement by Acosta attesting to the signatories being legitimate.

Dell ‘Aquila sent a stamped copy of the letter he filed officially by today’s deadline with the Bergen County Clerk, objecting to the validity of the petition filed by Vincent Acosta to be a Lyndhurst BOE candidate. Dell ‘Aquila also provided to our site full copies of what he described as “blatantly false” Acosta petitions that relied on those living outside of Lyndhurst to illegally nominate Acosta in Lyndhurst.

Below is Lyndhurst BOE candidate Anthony Dell ‘Aquila’s self-explanatory letter to Bergen County Clerk John Hogan:

Below is candidate Vincent Acosta’s questionable petition to run for Lyndhurst BOE:

Bergen County Clerk John Hogan has until Thursday, August 8, 2019 to invalidate Acosta’s candidacy due to a fraudulent petition filed.

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