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Can you afford any more years of these Alcuri and Vendola BOE hits?

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Lyndhurst has taken decades of big hits from its local politicians. Nepotism. Cronyism. Mismanagement. Debt. And of course, higher taxes.

Nothing speaks to this sad song more than the state Department of Education taking over the management of the Lyndhurst Public Schools last year, due to the Board of Education’s financial mismanagement.

Yet, the incumbent Lyndhurst Board of Education Trustees responsible for our public schools’ bad practices and big problems, Trustees like Susan Alcuri and Steve Vendola, just keep coming back year after year, asking voters to re-elect them.



  • Susan Alcuri and Steve Vendola were two of the Lyndhurst BOE Trustees who voted to create the problems that Lyndhurst will be digging itself out of for the next ten years. (Ten years is the length of time Lyndhurst will be paying back the state of New Jersey for a massive loan to pay off a $5 million school deficit that Alcuri and Vendola voted to create.)

  • Susan Alcuri is currently named in a lawsuit by a former Lyndhurst guidance counselor who is suing for being unjustifiably fired so Trustee Alcuri could replace the counselor with the choice Alcuri wanted hired.

  • Steve Vendola has both his wife and daughter employed by the schools, and because of that major conflict of interest, Trustee Vendola is now barred from voting on school contracts and other things that can benefit his family. (This begs the question; why is a man, Vendola, who can’t fully function legally on the BOE, seeking that office again?)
  • Susan Alcuri also has a history of a relative working for the Lyndhurst schools. Alcuri’s relative was, as an exception to normal practice, paid as a full-time employee while out of the classroom for multiple years, until that relative could legally retire with full teacher’s benefits.

And while there is much more to delve into as this year’s November 5 election for Lyndhurst Board of Education unfolds, there is one very simple reason from the start to not re-elect Susan Alcuri and Steve Vendola:

Susan Alcuri and Steve Vendola are the ONLY TWO candidates on the ballot in 2019 who were on the Board of Education for years voting to create the financial mess resulting in the state takeover of Lyndhurst Schools today.

So, if you don’t like the state takeover of our schools, don’t re-elect Lyndhurst Board of Education Trustees Susan Alcuri and Steve Vendola. Tragically, like too many other Lyndhurst politicians, Alcuri and Vendola continue to sing the same old very, very bad tunes…

On November 5, make it a point to vote for a change. Electing some good government reformers from this decade would be a good next step.

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