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Lyndhurst needs Elaine “the pain”

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I’ve been involved in Lyndhurst government on and off for years, and so has Elaine Stella.

I don’t agree with Elaine Stella often. And this year, yet again, Elaine Stella has decided to run for the Lyndhurst Board of Education.

I know from firsthand experience that Elaine Stella never stops running, looking, digging and questioning. Having worked in government and having been on the opposite side of Elaine Stella’s non-stop probing more than a few times myself, I can attest with certainty; Elaine Stella is a huge f—king pain in the ass if she’s focused on you.

Personally, in every Lyndhurst election for the foreseeable future I would like to see all fresh faces elected to every office. And Elaine Stella is hardly a new face, having been on the Lyndhurst Board of Education before, in fact a few times. 

In recent elections, a majority of voters have preferred candidates other than Elaine Stella, me included. 

But this year is a very different.

In 2019, you have 3 incumbents running for re-election for 3 three-year terms on the Lyndhurst Board of Education (Alcuri, Donovan and Andrinopoulos). There is only one challenger in the three-year term Lyndhurst BOE race. Yup, Elaine Stella.

I admit, I can’t recall having ever voted for Elaine Stella. But in 2019 for Lyndhurst Board of Education, I definitely will.


It’s simple. Elaine Stella the only non-incumbent running for a three-year term in 2019. But most importantly, Elaine Stella is a huge pain-in-the-ass when she suspects something is wrong. And in Lyndhurst, I think we all know more than a few things are wrong.

Of all four candidates running for the 3 open three-year term seats on the Lyndhurst BOE in 2019, only Elaine Stella promises to be the pain-in-the-ass Lyndhurst desperately needs now.

Although Elaine Stella was on the BOE in the past, she wasn’t there when all the mistakes were made that have led to a state financial takeover of our public schools. That’s also important. Elaine has experience, but it isn’t a bad experience. 

Elaine is a pain. And now more than ever, Lyndhurst needs a pain in their politicians’ asses. A persistent public advocate or watchdog is sorely lacking. That is the role Elaine Stella was born to play.

Elaine’s time has come, again. If you agree Lyndhurst politicians need a pain questioning their asses…make Elaine Stella one of your 3 choices for a three-year term on the Lyndhurst Board of Education in 2019.

It’s a no brainer. Unless, you prefer unquestioned nepotism, cronyism, debt and deficits in your Lyndhurst public schools?

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