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BREAKING NEWS: Alcuri drops out…Stella unopposed for 3 year BOE seat

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School hasn’t even started yet and Elaine Stella has already won a seat on the Lyndhurst Board of Education.

Stella was one of four candidates for the three open 3-year term seats on the School Board in 2019, which before yesterday included incumbents Susan Alcuri, James Donovan and Christopher Andrinopoulos as candidates. Alcuri withdrew from the November 5 election battle yesterday, leaving Stella unopposed.

Now the only local Lyndhurst election on ballot in 2019 is the November 5 fight between incumbent BOE Trustee Stephen Vendola and newcomer Anthony Dell ‘Aquila for the Unexpired 2-year BOE term. Vendola holds the seat vacated by a resignation last year after Lyndhurst voters elected a BOE candidate facing serious criminal charges, who as a result could not be seated under state ethics laws.

Vendola, who lost for his bid for Lyndhurst BOE in 2018, was a temporary appointment to the vacated BOE seat until the next election, being held this November 5. As a Trustee, Vendola is currently barred from voting on major issues because both Vendola’s wife and daughter are employed by the Lyndhurst public schools, resulting in Vendola having multiple conflicts of interest.

Dell ‘Aquila, a second generation Lyndhurst resident, has no family members employed by the Lyndhurst school system and has pledged to support and enforce strict anti-nepotism policies as a School Board Trustee.

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