Today, Lyndhurst gets another break (more to come)…

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Water lines, sewers, roads and infrastructure generally aren’t very exciting, until they fail. Lyndhurst get ready for an exciting future, because our municipal infrastructure is failing everywhere.

This is happening because the Lyndhurst Mayor and Board of Commissioners have failed you by playing politics, while ignorantly being manipulated by lawyers and developers into using the municipal government’s debt capacity to avoid a school debt referendum. This just to build a $58 million White Elephant that will never open as their much promoted Jr. High School.

The current Board of Commissioners doesn’t get (or doesn’t care) that their primary job is to repair and maintain our century old aging infrastructure, as they should be doing routinely, not just when emergencies happen.

The Board of Education runs and builds schools.

Mayor Giangeruso and Commissioners DiMaggio, Haggerty, Jarvis and Montillo are letting Lyndhurst’s municipal infrastructure collapse. They’re doing this so they could use what should be infrastructure bonding capacity to instead build that flawed $58 million Jr. High School, a vanity project which really should have been built as a Middle School, as the state now says.

The Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners has really screwed up, once again.

Are you shocked? Some of these folks can’t even make a simple public statement without reading, choppily, from index cards. Do you really think they actually think major multi-million dollar projects through?

I don’t believe that municipal government debt should have been used to build a public school. That’s what public school debt referendums are for, like the one that was just passed last week for $45 million in public school construction in Rutherford.

That is the reason I took Lyndhurst to court to try and block them from building, without a public vote, their overbuilt $58 million building which is now unusable as a Jr. High School.

Over the course of 2020, I am going to show Lyndhurst what isn’t getting done with our municipal infrastructure, all so these corrupt nepotistic power families controlling Lyndhurst can keep their public school gravy train running for them, not for the betterment of the town and its people as a whole.

At my house on New York Avenue, we noticed our water pressure dropping at 5am this morning. Shortly afterward it was shut off completely.
Over on Milton Avenue, the underfunded Lyndhurst Department of Public Works was hard at work scrambling to fix yet another failed aging water line.
The perspective of water line work being done on Milton Ave from Irving Place.

By the way, the reason they’re spending town debt to build a school is so they can later approve the site where Lincoln School now stands to build an apartment complex. Lyndhurst needs to develop intelligently to make a comeback. Is it intelligent to build more housing on top of a collapsing infrastructure?

I bet you all know the answer to that better than the Mayor or anyone on the Board of Commissioners. 

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