October 9 the Lyndhurst Commissioners are giving 13 government job pay increases from 11% to 23%…

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Have you ever seen a corruption movie? Like a Wall Street or a Mob Family corruption movie, where the corrupt being closed-in on are scrambling to cash out before they go away or run away?

Well, check out below the differences in proposed Lyndhurst municipal government pay increases that were passed at the September 10, 2019 Board of Commissioners meeting (in yellow) and the new, much higher, annual pay increases for a select 13 employees that the Board of Commissioners plans on passing on October 9, 2019 (in green).

Amy Jarvis (left and number #5 on the salary lists below) is mother of Lyndhurst Police Chief Richard Jarvis, Jr. (center) and Executive Assistant to Mayor and Police Commissioner Bobby Giangeruso (right). On September 10, 2019 the Mayor and Board of Commissioners (of which, Amy’s husband, Richard Jarvis, Sr., is a member) tabled Amy Jarvis’s government pay increase of a respectable 3.5%. It wasn’t enough. Now, on the agenda for the Board of Commissioners at their October 9, 2019 meeting is a vote to increase Amy Jarvis’ government pay by 16.4% annually for 2020.

I know. I know. These politicians, their families and their friends say I’m “evil” and I’m attacking them personally, they’re afraid, blah, blah. But folks, this is not their personal or private money. It’s all of our money, especially we the folks who pay the property taxes for this blatant corruption.

Many of these pay increases are more than we can afford. New Jersey state laws cap municipal government budgets at 3.5% increases annually. So, someone please explain (without index cards) the increases in annual municipal government salaries the Board of Commissioners has on their agenda for October 9, 2019 that range from 11% to 23% (documents shown below) in annual increases for the same government job titles.

In one case there is a massive increase for a long-vacated position, that of the Park Department’s Recreation Coordinator (a 15.4% increase a year in 2020 for a job long unfilled). Seriously? I wonder what friend or family member is up for that open position.

Well, we shouldn’t be totally surprised. Parks Commissioner Tommy DiMaggio is a generous man. His secretary gets the biggest pay increase of all this year, a whopping 23%.

I know! I know! I should dance with Joyce and forget this sh*t.

On second thought, maybe we should all check this sh*t out.

Because their sh*t is getting real; real, real expensive.

So, what is considered a good annual pay increase?

Read this:

Workers in most U.S. cities can expect to see salary increases in line with the national average for 2019. Cities with higher costs of living may see higher increases, such as San Francisco (4 percent) and Los Angeles (3.7 percent). Additionally, some may see higher-than-average increases in variable pay. These cities include Houston (16.5 percent) and New York City (14.9 percent).

Aon’s research also shows variation by industry. Workers in the construction (3.4 percent) and insurance – P&C (3.4 percent) industries are expected to see higher-than-average salary increases in 2019, while workers in education (2.6 percent) and transportation services (2.8 percent) are expected to see lower-than-average increases. Variable pay budgets by industry vary widely, ranging from 19.1 percent in the energy industry and 17.5 percent in food/beverage/tobacco to 5.6 percent for workers in construction and engineering.

For another view on interpreting Aon’s Salary Increase Survey results, view its Pay Insights blog.

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