Commissioners vote down pay increase plan

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In front of an audience that included Lyndhurst Township employees, The Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners abandon their “five-year plan” for pay increases last night. The Commissioners gave a thumbs down to the second approval vote of Pay Increase Ordinance 3036-19, which included 13 positions that were slated for controversial 11% to 23% pay increases, increases that were made 4x larger between the first approval of the ordinance on September 10 and the one on last night’s October 9 agenda.

There were few explanations by the Commissions as to why changes were made between votes, other than Finance Commissioner John Montillo explaining it was a “five-year plan” and he was voting against it. Commissioner Montillo then made a motion for last night’s second vote on Pay Increase Ordinance 3036-19. Commissioner Thomas DiMaggio seconded. During the roll call vote, Mayor Robert Giangeruso and Commissioners Montillo, DiMaggio, Richard Jarvis and Karen Haggerty all voted “NO”.

Lyndhurst Finance Chief Bob Benecke was seen wandering around on the first floor of Town Hall during the meeting, so no professional staff was on hand to explain the reason for the massive pay increase changes of 11% to 23% for 13 employees between the first and second votes to approve the ordinance.

The failure to pass Pay Increase Ordinance 3036-19 on a second vote on October 9 means no pay increases will take effect in November as planned. The Mayor and Commissioners did not say what their next move will be to create more an equitable Pay Increase five-year plan. 

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