Lyndhurst pays $75k to settle lawsuit against DiMaggio for violating Civil Rights

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Lyndhurst Commissioner Thomas DiMaggio was the named Defendant in yet another Civil Rights lawsuit, this one filed because DiMaggio revealed a person’s confidential medical condition (Multiple Sclerosis/MS) to the public. The victim’s sensitive private medical information, until that time was unknown to even the victim’s own children, was learned by DiMaggio in his official capacity as a Lyndhurst Commissioner as a result of DiMaggio’s government access to sealed confidential records.

Read (below) the Civil Rights lawsuit against Commissioner DiMaggio, which is public record available through The New Jersey Court System:

Read (below) the agenda of the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners from October 9, 2019, which listed a vote to settle the Civil Rights lawsuit against DiMaggio (Docket No: BER-L-1914-18):

See (below) Commissioner DiMaggio run out the Board of Commissioners’ meeting, before questions could be asked about the Board’s agenda to settle for $75,000 the Civil Rights lawsuit against DiMaggio:

In an OPRA filing regarding other issues, on April 1, 2019, Lyndhurst07071.com ordered public records of all (see 9.) Lyndhurst Police reports filed by The DiMaggio Family since January 1, 2000. Normally, the withholding of medical information as listed in the Board of Commissioner’s response to us shown below would not be posted here, because it is in no way relevant to The DiMaggio Family’s public conduct or questionable private actions as public officials/employees.

But now this information is highly relevant. Why do the DiMaggios get to hide their private medical problems (even in police records), while Commissioner DiMaggio has no problem violating someone’s legal and Civil Rights by telling the public about that person’s private medical condition (only known to DiMaggio because of his access to official sealed confidential records)?

Read (below) page 2 of a Lyndhurst Board of Commissioner’s April 9, 2019 response to a legally filed OPRA request by Lyndhurst07071.com:

Medical Emergency call information (above) is officially kept sealed and private by the Board of Commissioners and the LPD about Commissioner DiMaggio and his family. Yet, while he and his family enjoy their privacy, Commissioner DiMaggio illegally made someone else’s sealed confidential medical information public in his official capacity as a Commissioner.

Another case of DiMaggios’ double standards.

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