Do Mayor Giangeruso’s new 7-Eleven and the Winslow Motel belong together?

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On November 6, 2019, Mayor Bobby Giangeruso’s hand-picked Planning Board quietly approved a second 7-Eleven for Lyndhurst, this new one at 1 Stuyvesant Avenue.

Future home of Lyndhurst’s 2nd 7-11

However, the Giangeruso Administration does not seem concerned that “for a variety of reasons, convenience stores are often popular targets for a variety of crimes, most notably shoplifting and robbery. In some cities, convenience store crime has become such a problem that special task forces have been created or some stores have been completely closed down. American convenience stores are often direct targets of armed robbery. In some areas of the United States, it is not unusual for clerks to be working behind bulletproof glass windows, even during daylight hours. Some convenience stores may even limit access inside at night, requiring customers to approach a walk-up window specifically for such situations to make purchases. The main dangers are that almost all convenience stores only have one person working night shift, most of the transactions are in cash, and easily resold merchandise, such as liquor, lottery tickets, and cigarettes are on site.

“Most convenience stores have a cash drop slot into a time-delay safe so clerks may limit the amount of cash on hand. Many have installed security cameras to help detect robberies and shoplifting. Because of their vulnerability to crime, nearly all convenience stores have a friendly relationship with the local police. To reduce burglaries when the convenience store is closed, some convenience stores will have bars on the windows.

“The reasons for the higher rate of crime at convenience stores may be attributable to various factors, including:

  • the small number of employees per store makes it difficult to stop or deter criminals
  • the extended hours of many convenience stores present more opportunities when few customers and/or witnesses are present
  • the smaller size of the stores makes it easy for criminals to quickly navigate the floor plan and enter and exit close to the cash registers
  • the majority of purchases are in cash as opposed to electronic transactions, leading to a relatively large amount of cash (often minimally secured) at any point


Convenience stores are high crime targets.

More risk to an already high-risk area?
An out-of-state 7-11 holdup caught on camera


And right next door to Mayor Giangeruso’s proposed new 7-Eleven is the old “troublesome” Winslow Motel.

Meet a few of their notorious guests:

A new high crime-target 7-Eleven, right next to an old motel with a history of criminal activity?

Another example of why Lyndhurst can’t risk more of Mayor Bobby Giangeruso.


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