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I don’t hide from the pub­lic that I have Epilepsy. And this year has been a rough ride through it as I’ve been chang­ing long-term meds to avoid their in­creas­ing side ef­fects (tremors). Un­for­tu­nately, that has had a few big­ger side ef­fects, which hit with three Grand Mal seizures through­out the day last Fri­day, December 6.

I have no idea how I did this one this time…

I’ve had too many repeated bruises, black eyes, broken bones and a bunch of concussions in the past 32 years. But I can never have enough appreciation for the public service men and women who have hauled my ass to the hospital to get me back on my feet more than once.

This time it was the Lyndhurst Police and the Lyndhurst Emergency Squad who came to my home twice in one day on December 6. I wish I could remember them all at my house, but the only thing I can remember is the look of concern on Sgt. Ricky Pizzuti’s face as he tried to get me coherent and focused enough to get me out the door and into the ambulance as Lyndhurst Police Officers Brian Kapp and Michael LeStrange worked with my family.

I also owe major appreciation to the men and women of the Lyndhurst Emergency Squad, whose names I don’t yet know, who took me to the hospital.

Our political differences aside, Mayor Giangeruso and I can both agree on this: Chief Jarvis has some of the best serving Lyndhurst. And that deserves to be the one thing everyone can agree on.

This weird bruise aside, I’m fine and not looking for pity. I just want to make sure what’s great about Lyndhurst doesn’t get missed as we debate what can always be made better for the Township we all love.

Thanks again, folks! 

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