Holy Father, please forgive their overspending…

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After years of spending large, times seem financially tight for the Giangeruso, DiMaggio, Haggerty, Montillo and Jarvis team at Town Hall these days.

At the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners meeting last night, February 11, folks from Mount Carmel Church were summoned so Mayor Bobby Giangeruso could demand $10,000 from the parish for police protection at Mount Carmel’s annual feast in Town Hall Park this summer. If they pay, it would be the first time many can recall Mount Carmel Church being hit up by the Lyndhurst township government for cash to keep the public safe.

Mount Carmel Church

In addition, there have been numerous reports by those in and out of Lyndhurst Town Hall and the Lyndhurst Schools of funding shortages, budget problems and resulting belt tightening on both the parts of municipal government and the BOE in Lyndhurst.

Are these rumors of financial troubles true? Given the propensity for secrecy in this Administration, it’s tough to say.

Lyndhurst Commissioners spend on the best flowers

After Mayor Giangeruso and the Commissioners demanded Ten Grand from Mount Carmel at their last meeting, they kicked out the public and legally questionably met in private with representatives of the Lyndhurst Board of Education to discuss concerns over financial issues with the schools. That meeting went on for over an hour and a half behind closed doors; a very private meeting between two very public Lyndhurst governing bodies.


More to come, but it isn’t looking good.

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