OFFICIALS CHANGED PLANS eliminating a second 18 foot wide safety access at Middle School. Why?

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The original Middle School plan approved by the state (above) had a second 18 foot wide safety access onto Ridge Road.

1) See the Lyndhurst Mayor and Commissioners meeting where they eliminated the planned 18 foot safety access from Ridge Road to Middle School:

2) Look how the Lyndhurst Mayor and Commissioners quietly “amended” plans to eliminate the Middle School’s Ridge Road safety access:

Above see the only access to the new Lyndhurst Middle School which is found on Page Avenue. See the 4 foot wide sidewalk on the right in this photo which is the only sidewalk for the hundreds and hundreds of Middle School students to use to get in and out everyday.

The two photos above show finished 8 foot tall closed fencing where the 18 foot wide Ridge Road open access was originally planned for Lyndhurst Middle School safety.

3) See the proof that Lyndhurst’s “amended” Middle School plans DO NOT meet State and Local Fire Codes for Safety Access:

Section 503 Fire Apparatus Access Roads in New Jersey

503.2.1 Dimensions

Fire apparatus access roads shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet (6096 mm), exclusive of shoulders, except for approved security gates in accordance with Section 503.6, and an unobstructed vertical clearance of not less than 13 feet 6 inches (4115 mm). 

Did a Lyndhurst Fire Code Official approve the Mayor and Commissioners’ “amended” Middle School safety access plans?

503.2.2 Authority

The fire code official shall have the authority to require or permit modifications to the required access widths where they are inadequate for fire or rescue operations or where necessary to meet the public safety objectives of the jurisdiction

If there was an approved amendment, which Lyndhurst Fire Inspector approved this 10 foot wide fire access at a Middle School where there should be a 20 foot wide access?

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