DOCUMENTS SHOW original Middle School plan had two entrance/exits and required 4 to 7 years to build, but Commissioners did one entrance/exit “finishing” in just 2 years…

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ABOVE: See APPROVED June 5, 2018 AMENDED PLANS for Lyndhurst Township for Middle School.

FOUR TO SEVEN YEARS TO BUILD. Read the March 8, 2016 official minutes of the joint BOC/BOE meeting to approve their original plan to build a Middle School…

In June 2017 a court order found the March 8, 2016 meeting (above) was illegal…but Montillo, Jarvis, DiMaggio, Haggerty and Giangeruso went ahead with the Middle School plan anyway in August 2017.

Read about the court order ruling on the Lyndhurst Middle School plan from north jersey.com on June 17, 2017:

Sivella, who spent $30,000 on the suit, said he did it to protect taxpayers’ rights to question the governing body and the school board about the $50 million debt and the scope of the project.

“The scope [of the project] is going to have an impact on the town for the next century,” Sivella said.

Sivella said he is not against expansion in the district, but believes the boards were not transparent about the agreement. 

“Look at this as an opportunity to do it right, not as a defeat,” Sivella said.

The town bonded $50 million for the junior high construction in 2016, paying $2.5 million toward the down payment, CFO Bob Benecke said. In the commissioners’ newly introduced township budget, of the $475,000 in township capital, none is going to the school’s construction, Benecke added. 


From the minutes of the August 8, 2017 meeting of the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners:

Today, Montillo, Jarvis, DiMaggio, Haggerty and Giangeruso appear to be rushing an official OK for an unfinished and unsafe one entrance/exit Middle School where Matera Field was before. Why? So, Montillo, Jarvis, DiMaggio, Haggerty and Giangeruso can take the old Lincoln School on Ridge Road and Valley Brook Avenue from the BOE and start building apartments there before the May 4, 2021 election?

335 days left…will they want a bouquet for this one too?

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