Linden and Lyndhurst Mayors both used tax paid POLICE like a private car service

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In Linden…


The chair of the New Jersey State Senate Judiciary Committee is under investigation. WNYC has obtained a copy of a subpoena that seeks records relating to Union County’s Nicholas Scutari, whose post gives him the power to confirm the appointments of judges and prosecutors in the state.

The subpoena requires the records custodian in the town of Linden to appear before a state grand jury and turn over records related to the salary and job performance of Scutari, who was the town prosecutor until last year. The subpoena is signed by a deputy attorney general in the Division of Criminal Justice’s Office of Public Integrity and Accountability.

The mayor of Linden, Derek Armstead, has long been seeking an investigation of Scutari. He has written letters to the state attorney general and the federal prosecutor in Newark with allegations that Scutari used his position as town prosecutor as a no-show job.


Nicholas Scutari, Powerful State Senator Under Investigation

Linden Mayor Armstead

Memo clears Scutari, puts Linden mayor on hot seat

Senator: ‘Armstead and the Linden Council should be charged with filing a false report and should be forced to reimburse the taxpayers’

By David Wildstein, August 03 2020, NJ Globe

A policy approved by the Linden City Council fifteen years ago requiring the municipal prosecutor to pay for substitutes at their own expense vindicates Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Nicholas Scutari (D-Linden), who was criticized for high absenteeism by a political rival, Mayor Derek Armstead.

Now Armstead may be the one in trouble after launching a probe of Scutari.

The longtime senator is now calling for Armstead’s resignation and alleging that he obstructed an investigation and lied to the public.


Memo clears Scutari, puts Linden mayor on hot seat

NJ Mayor has police drive him and his family

by Adam Hochron, March 1, 2018 for NJ 101.5

LINDEN — Mayor Derek Armstead is defending his use of of a city-owned luxury SUV and police employees to chauffeur him and his family.

The practice has been criticized by political rivals, who Armstead said should worry about more pressing city business. The chief of police, meanwhile, says he has no problem with the service.

InsiderNJ reported that former Mayor Richard Gerbounka wrote a letter to the city police department concerning Armstead’s private use of department personnel and vehicles. Gerbounka said it was “disturbing” that Armstead was “using your department’s officers and vehicles as his personal taxi cab service, even though taxpayers purchased a luxury 2017 SUV Tahoe for his official use.”


 Linden mayor has police drive him and his family | https://nj1015.com/nj-mayor-has-police-drive-him-and-his-family/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

Linden Mayor Armstead’s family

In Lyndhurst…

Carmine Litterio PAID BY TAXPAYERS FULL-TIME to drive around a part-time mayor.

MEET MAYOR GIANGERUSO’S TAX PAID FULL-TIME POLICE DRIVER: On election night in May 2013, Commissioner Tommy DiMaggio (left) and Mayor Bobby Giangeruso (right) celebrate with former LPD Deputy Police Chief Carmine Litterio who was paid approximately $200,000 a year in salary and benefits to be Giangeruso’s full-time driver. Worse to come…

…Linden and Lyndhurst both have sleazy local politicians who misused tax paid cops on the clock.


You can’t fix this kind of stupid…

…but Lyndhurst can toss them in 273 days.

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