Commissioner Montillo overpaid 36% for a toxic dump in a rush to make a bigger Lyndhurst Middle School driveway

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Montillo, and all of Lyndhurst’s Commissioners, PAID $165,000 MORE for 617 Page Ave than it was officially valued being worth on the market.

Plus, Lyndhurst taxpayers also get to PAY EXTRA for the toxic cleanup of the property Montillo and the Commissioners bought…

...you got a problem with that?

$460,000 WAS THE OFFICIAL APPRAISED SALE VALUE of 617 Page Ave (not including the toxic cleanup):

But…$625,000 WAS THE PRICE THE MAYOR & COMMISSIONERS PAID for 617 Page Ave (using your tax dollars)

Lyndhurst’s Mayor and Commissioners PAID $165,000 more for toxic property than it was worth.


REMEMBER THEIR CONFLICTS: NO-BID school vendors, Commissioner Montillo and Commissioner Jarvis…

REMEMBER THEIR LAWYER: Commissioners Montillo, Jarvis, Haggerty, DiMaggio and Mayor Giangeruso paid $165,000 more because Carmine Alampi, an out-of-town, safety code violating landlord, who is also their highly tax paid lawyer recommended it…


253 days and counting…

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