Lyndhurst BOE Prez may accept new Middle School absent a legal vote

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Will she or won’t she cut the ribbon to open the new Middle School?

There is supposed to be a ribbon cutting at the new Lyndhurst Middle School at 10:30am, Tuesday, October 13, but there was NO VOTE to accept the school by the Lyndhurst Board of Education at their October 12 meeting.

Before the Board of Education went behind closed doors last night to discuss transferring the new Middle School from the Township to the School System, BOE President Erin Keefe faced several questions from her fellow Trustees.

Trustee Elaine Stella

Trustee Elaine Stella questioned how the Middle School could be accepted by the Board of Education before the Board of Education had been in it, even once. Stella also questioned whether or not Keefe would be attending the ribbon cutting the next day to accept the school as Board President, when the BOE had not seen the Middle School or voted on accepting it, or was even informed on the costs of the agreement.

Keefe replied the Board would discuss it behind closed doors.

Trustee Anthony Dell ‘Aquila

Trustee Anthony Dell ‘Aquila questioned why the discussions about the terms of accepting the new Middle School had to be held behind closed doors and why the more than 50 residents attending the ZOOM meeting could not be included in the discussion.

School Attorney Dennis McKeever

BOE Attorney Dennis McKeever described the Middle School Transfer Agreement between the Board of Education and the Board of Commissioners as a private matter because of “attorney client privilege”.

Dell ‘Aquila also complained that the Transfer Agreement they were to discuss at their 6pm meeting had only been sent to him at 4pm that day. “For members who work for a living,” Dell ‘Aquila said, “I don’t know how you expect us to carefully read an important document and discuss it at the last minute.”

BOE President Keefe said they were in a rush as things have been delayed.

BOE President Erin Keefe

Whose responsibility was managing the transfer of the new Middle School and keeping the public informed of these so-called delays?

Will the public get another joint Town/School agreement with loose details shoved down their throats at the last minute by incompetent and arrogant public officials?

Will a project that took years to plan and build be rushed to be finished and opened without signed agreements and at the last minute?

Only BOE President Erin Keefe knows for sure.

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