LYNDHURST LUXURY: High end isn’t only for 5 star hotels…

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…$67 million in debt (and counting) has given Lyndhurst a 5 star Middle School for 6th to 8th graders.

The Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners’ $67 million Middle School was designed with an entrance to invite students to expand their minds in a space as open as their unique potentials, while Lyndhurst’s youth are surrounded by the warmth and security of softwoods that are inspired by Parana pine trees also called Brazilian pine which are native to southern Americas, especially Brazil.

And to keep students informed and up-to-date, nine 4K monitors are centrally positioned for broadcasting inspirational speeches from Lyndhurst elected officials throughout each and every school day.

The dining area offers students a panoramic New York City view and Parana pine accents to enhance the twenty minute luncheon experience for every student, as each student’s sense of sight and taste become only one more memorable Middle School memory.

Inspired by the IMAX Theatre built at American Museum of Natural History, and also accented from above in Parana pine acoustic tiles, is what is understatedly named simply “The Auditorium”. But here, surrounded by the finest sound system and theatre lighting, the talent on stage will be the only name that matters. From The Cameos to the every ZZ-Top cover band, “The Auditorium” will keep Middle School students entertained, but not hydrated, as there are no seat cupholders, because the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners believes luxury should never be confused with functionality.

Once bored being indoors, students can exit the rear of the Middle School where they will find a 50 foot direct drop to the field below. Or, if they prefer, students have the option of going up and down a single staircase or elevator. Once students are on the lower level they will find non-regulation sized fields and a serious lack of seating and parking for parents.

If you like their new $67 million Middle School investment, the Lyndhurst Board of Commissioners suggests staying at the hotel that was their inspiration for the design: Tokyo’s Aman Hotel & Resort.

Modern, monochrome, and so serene, the lobby in Tokyo’s Aman hotel will immediately launch you into vacation mode. Like the guest rooms and suites, the lobby (which is on the thirty-third floor) features both sleek design and traditional Japanese roots, like washi paper accents. 


All joking aside, Lyndhurst BOE President Erin Keefe and Vice President Frank Ferrandino (one in from the blue masked man on far right) cut the ribbon alone to accept the $67 million Middle School on October 13, 2020 from the entire Board of Commissioners (DiMaggio, seen with mask down, Montillo, Giangeruso, with scissors, Jarvis and Haggerty) but absent was the rest of the nine member Board of Education. In addition, there was no legal agreement in place at this time to accept the school. Why?

194 days until Lyndhurst gets control back from them…

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